DHASA2017 – Abstract

Technological Adoption and the Role of Cloud Computing in Digitization, Knowledge Creation and Digital Curation in Africa.

Matlhako,M. Mamadi; Ajibade, Patrick
University of Fort Hare

In the 21st century, there has been a pervasive occurrence of Information Technology (IT), and this has impacted the creation of digital collections and the ways knowledge is created, use and share. This technology has undoubtedly promoted access to relevant archival materials. However, it has presented pockets of security challenges with the adoption of computer technologies in producing digital content in an electronic and networked environment. The aim of this paper is to engage and encourage debates on the opportunities, and challenges of an optimised framework for digitisation. It is noteworthy to consider the implication of latest trends in information technology such as cloud computing vis-à-vis digital curation and digital preservations. The paper examines the levels of current technological infrastructure in Africa, the technical and organisational requirements to implement knowledge archiving in the cloud and highlight the current challenges in cloud computing. This may be useful in digital curation and digitisation. Analysis of the dynamic interaction and computer architectures’ implication on digitisation will be discussed. The paper address issues surrounding its implementations, suitability and the different stack control. The presentation will highlight institution’s concerns on service capability provided, cloud applications, and choice of platforms or infrastructures. These specification and service requirements are crucial for performance agility. Service and deployment models, technological infrastructures for born-digital knowledge preservation, as well as the integrity of the collections. Security, limitations, suggestion and recommendations are provided to enable institutions to develop reliable models that meet their organisational goals.