Half-day Workshop

Title: What do we talk about when we talk about DH?

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Glen Worthey 
Digital Humanities Librarian and Co-lead of the Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research
Stanford University Libraries 

The Librarian, the Scholar, and the Data Provider in Conversation and Collaboration

  • DH Librarian: Do you know how to talk to your scholar-constituents about DH work?
  • DH Scholar: Do you know how to talk to your librarians about your work?
  • DH Librarians and Scholars: Do you know how to talk to your data providers?

Aim of workshop 

This workshop will attempt to bridge some of the many communication gaps among library workers, scholars, and data providers — all key figures in many (or most) DH efforts, but each with his or her own professional norms, practical constraints, and principles of work.


Humanities scholars, Librarians, Service Providers and DH collaborators

Specific topics that will be covered:

  • The elaboration and communication of DH research questions, methodologies, and commitments
  • Licensing and use of commercial data for research
  • Copyright and Fair Use / Fair Dealing
  • Data standards, formats, provisioning, and curation
  • Digitization
  • DH and library infrastructure
  • DH literacy training, reference, and consultation
  • Principles of collaboration

All of these practical topics include interesting intellectual and ethical aspects as well.  We won’t shy away from these at all, but will rather strive to engage the philosophical as we grapple with the practical.